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9 low maintenance plants for the office inhabitat the best indoor plants are those that can thrive in low light dry or dusty conditions and will bounce back if you for to water them once in a while even though these plants are old standbys best fice plants good plants for the fice environment pothos – pothos adapts well to a variety of office conditions from low light levels to brighter ones this easy care plant with heart shaped white splotched leaves makes a lovely addition sitting on a desk shelf or table the 20 best fice plants to make your cubicle suck less luckily there are many office plants that are low maintenance and can survive well in even the dullest hostile environments in no particular order here are the 20 best office plants to make your cubicle suck less plants that grow without sunlight there are plants that grow without sunlight they need indirect exposure some even thrive in fluorescent light and here in this article we’ve listed 17 best plants to grow indoors the best indoor plants for australian fices plenty of light is re mended as low light conditions causes the plant to stretch which plants work best in your office give us the benefit of your green thumb in the ments the 5 best fice plants to boost your productivity the 5 best fice plants image source flickr – kathryn rotondo 1 spider plant perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets the low maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office as an added bonus spider plants carry loads of benefits for improving indoor air quality and reducing stress at work as noted by 10 easy care houseplants for low light joy us 10 easy care houseplants for low light i started my horticultural career in the field of interior plantscaping and spent 12 years both maintaining and specing out plants on mercial accounts the plants listed below are the ones which i saw survive the best and the longest in offices lobbies hotels malls and airports indoor plants for low light calathea including the beloved prayer plant grow well in medium to low light they require consistent moisture for best performance as a rule the lower the light the less frequently they will flower .

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