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heat lamp for ball python is it really that necessary to have a heat lamp in a ball python viv setup ive seen loads of vivs without them and just have one heat mat under the cage below the hide its kind of confusing as people have sed its pletely necessary to have a heat lamp in a viv i have a ball python btw ball python lighting and heating needs thesprucepets heat lights and ball pythons depending on your house temperature you may or may not need heat lights to maintain appropriate temperatures inside your ball python s enclosure ball pythons need a basking spot of about 90 degrees and an ambient temperature in the low 80 s whats better for a ball python a heat lamp or heat pad heat pads should always be used as the primary heat source for ball pythons leave it on 24 hours a day a heat lamp should be used in addition to the heat pad only if the heat pad isn t keeping temperatures high enough in the tank heat lamp or heat mat ball pythons well first of all the bulb shouldnt be kept on 24 7 because constant light isnt good and the night time temperature can drop but as to pros and cons of both ball python cage temperatures and heating tips – reptile brian you might have to cover part of the screen top that’s the trouble with keeping ball pythons in glass terrariums with screen lids and heat lamps three mon misconceptions articles world of ball pythons three mon misconceptions of ball python care the other day i was looking on the internet for a good ball python care sheet to me i think a good care sheet explains the best you can offer your snake and not what will just “ them by” ball python heating lamp i recently got a baby ball python i know they don t require any special heat lamps and i have a heating pad on one half of the tank my house is quite chilly in the winter is a ball python or a corn snake a better snake for i really want to a snake and i think i have it narrowed down to either a corn snake or ball python personally i like corn snakes better but recently i stumbled across an offer on craigslist for a free adult ball python tank heat source lamp etc help ball python s heat lamp d ok my ball python hes 6 months has a heat lamp that just burnt out 7 30pm i can t to the store until tomorrow and i can have one on for him by 4 00 tomorrow ball python heaters & heating heat mats possibly the easiest type of heating suitable for ball pythons is the humble heat mat these are in essence a paper thin heating element sandwiched between twp pieces of clear plastic

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